11 - PLY Chair


11-PLY Chair is constructed of eleven plys of Baltic birch plywood. Designed for easy assembly and disassembly for transportability. The chair is made of three curved pieces of glue-laminated wooden components. The pieces are held together with four connections, two for the feet of the chair and two for the seat. Supports for the chair were fabricated from sqare HSS steel sections welded to 1/4” steel plate. Using a sandwich connection, the interior leg and back support are tied to the 1/4” steel plate using 1/2” tie rods enclosed in steel piping. The leg connections tie the assembly of the chair together but also provide lateral support to minimize the thickness of the legs. The seat is connected by two countersunk saddle bolts with fabricated tracking washers sandwiching rubber gaskets to provide adjustability of the chair ergonomics.

Rear view of chair

360° view of chair

Construction forms 

Detail of leg to seat connection