HOH Nike/Foot Locker

With: RUFproject, Sean Pearson, Ian Sandilands, Elenora Peris 

Nike HOH is a portable pop-up market in collaboration with Nike and Footlocker. The series of kiosks traveled to key events and games during the 2018/2019 NBA season. Each kiosk packs into an 8' x 8’ cube and unfolds into a unique market stand housing a different program. The kiosks range from small scale retail spaces and apparel customization stations to displays of player bios as well as Nike's influence on the game of basketball. The design was intended to occupy open plazas creating a large impact while having the small scale mobility of a transport truck. 

Aerial view of market


Top: Market kiosk opened
Bottom: Market ground level

Transformation of Kiosks

Maker Space

Kiosk Opened

Kiosk Detail

Shematic Render of Kiosk