Shelf Life

With: Jermy Schipper, Tori Hamatani,  Dylan Maeers, Olivia Bull and Kathy Oke.

Shelf Life was built for the Summer Festival in Vancouver's Chinatown Yat-Sen Classical Garden. The installation operated as a kiosk, selling and displaying houseplants.  As a collaborative project the team worked together through the design, construction and installation of the project. For quick installation and transportability, the design was compartmentalized into individual shelving units which were linked together with intermittent shelving. The simplicity of the design kept the project low-budget, while attention to small details such as staggered shelf heights and overhanging lateral supports gave the kiosk the capability of holding a large quantity and variety of plants. When stocked with plants, the project became a garden oasis in the centre of the courtyard.

View of kiosk

Kiosk axonometric

Kiosk render

Kiosk during daytime

Kiosk at night